Why Prose 4 SEO?

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An up-to-date website is critical to all businesses. Having a customer see that there’s been no blog or social media posts in weeks or months can create questions as to whether an entity is still in business, and that doesn’t even take into consideration how search engine queries are affected. Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to a business in appearing relevant, even as some businesses have a limited budget they can devote to such a practice. Prose 4 SEO was created for the purposes of affordable providing up-to-date content for these websites, as well as improving search engine results.

Prose 4 SEO (found at prose4seo.com) was started because so many websites appear to be out of date, even as business may be thriving. In an age where companies are spending thousands of dollars per month simply to appear on Page 1 of the Google search results for a certain set of keywords, keeping a website up to date is a constant struggle. Not only does a company need to appear current to its customers, it also needs to be specifically tailored to appear current and relevant to search crawlers from Google, Yahoo!/Bing, and on occasion other lesser-known search engines. In addition to optimizing the site itself for SEO, frequent, up-to-date content and a long-term track record thereof is the best way to stay SEO current as well as sending a subtle message to customers that they’re both engaged and relevant.

At Prose 4 SEO, not only can we provide blog postings and articles to make your website more engaging to your customers and to Google search engines, we can also help you find keywords you want to target and (if it has not been done already) help you optimize your website in a way that will maximize your potential for SEO referencing. Any company can pay a search engines to advertise their company at the top of search results, however a company appears most credible when it tops organic (meaning non-paid) search results. We also know that businesses (especially small ones) are not able to spend several thousand per month in a constant struggle to top organic search engine results. In all honesty, having a website top the results in today’s competitive environment is a constant, long-term struggle that progresses slowly in the best of circumstances. Unless your company has the budget for paid searches, any firm promising a company will appear on Page 1 of the organic search results in a short time frame is likely not being honest with their clients. While Prose 4 SEO cannot promise instantaneous Page 1 search results, what we can do is provide your site with engaging content that will pique customer interest and improve SEO results over time, even on a smaller budget.

Keeping a website relevant and search engine-friendly is difficult, especially when a company is limited by a budget. However, if you’re looking for adding some blog posts or other written material to enhance your site and bring an SEO benefit, Prose 4 SEO can help. Contact us today at prose4seo.com for questions or to get a free quote.


Author: whealy71

Proprietor of prose4seo.com, words done write. Contact me if your website needs SEO-friendly articles!

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